Our world is overstimulated with content on a screen. Television, computers, cell phones…we long for human connection, relationship and someone to listen attentively to what we have to say. We usually don’t want someone to fix us we just need someone to hear us.  Oprah said it best when she ended her 25 year career with the Oprah Winfrey Show. “The common denominator we all share is that we need to be seen and know that we matter to someone”.  No matter who you are or what you have our human experience longs for validation and attention from someone that genuinely cares. We need a Safe Place to Breathe and just be.

Sometimes our closest friends, though they love us may judge us or have listener’s fatigue because they have heard our story multiple times. Sometimes we may feel that no one understands our dilemma and we risk betrayal or ridicule if we share our insecurities. This cause stress and can be emotionally debilitating.  We can receive great benefits from an objective, non-judgmental ear that will listen attentively and allow us to safely release thoughts that are racing through our mind. I have found that we often know the answers to the problems we face, we just need someone to ask the right questions and patiently wait for us to answer.  If you are not looking for someone to fix you, just someone to hear you …..try an In The Flow Wellness Relaxation Therapy Session today with Regina Queen. It is a Safe Place to Breathe.