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Known as the Voice of Compassion that Heals

Regina Queen is an Organizational Stress Management Wellness Consultant. She has a voice that instantly calms and soothes the mind. Coupled with her compassion and insight she shares practical wisdom allowing her clients to experience a genuine sense of renewal. She hosts a tranquil atmosphere where serenity flows and her clients consistently report that they have found a “Safe Place to Breathe.”

She is a Certified Relaxation Therapist and Health & Wellness Coach that actively practices and promotes Lifestyle Medicine. She received her Relaxation Therapy and Stress Management certifications from the School of Natural Health Sciences – London, England and is a member of International College of Holistic Medicine. Her Coaching certification and training was completed with Wellcoaches – partnered with the American College of Sports Medicine. She has also completed Mindful Meditation coursework at UCLA and the Integrative Academy of Healing Arts in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Regina has over two decades of professional sales experience in Corporate America. While her tenure in the Healthcare industry spans over ten years, she has also held sales and consulting positions in the following industries: Entertainment, Wireless Technology, Cosmetics, Transportation and Medical Devices. This diverse background and experience has developed her level of empathy for individuals with high-pressure careers. She is a master at understanding and integrating stress management techniques for any situation. Her former colleagues continue to seek her assistance with stress reduction therapy both personally and professionally; in their businesses.

Currently she works with physicians in Los Angeles providing Stress Reduction Therapy and Wellness Coaching for patients with diabetes. She presently volunteers with the Women of Virtue, a non-profit organization that empowers women, and provides Stress Management and Mindful Meditation clinics for program participants. Regina conducts Individual Coaching Sessions incorporating Guided Meditation and Relaxation Therapy for women in crisis. She also volunteers with the National Association for Mental Illness as a liaison for healthcare providers and law enforcement; informing families of resources and supportive services.

In 2011 she worked with gestational patients at the Black Infant Health Program and the Access Youth Center. She facilitated meditation workshops with the moms-to-be that helped reduce labor pains, ease the delivery process and release emotional turmoil. Additionally she has provided healing touch therapy for terminally ill patients. She has given compassionate care for cancer patients and their families at the Ronald Reagan Hospital in Westwood, CA.

Regina Queen currently resides in Southern California with her family. Her personal meditation practice is inspired by Egyptian Christianity and the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. Love being the more excellent way. She enjoys learning foreign languages, martial arts, theological studies, swimming and rhythmic movement.

Skype: regina.queen71

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