//Praying in the Holy Spirit
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Praying in the Holy Spirit

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This meditation is only for those that are ready for an elevated supernatural experience.

This practice is controversial and antithetical to the natural mind.  However, if you desire answers to your most perplexing problems, this is an invitation to help you release pain and experience bliss.  The power, peace and presence of God will invade your heart when you listen with intention and attention.  Listen to this meditation in the morning to set a positive rhythm for your day and receive strength.  Listen at the end of your day to release toxic energy and prepare you for sacred rest.

I Corinthians 14:2


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A Unique Restorative Biblical Meditation Practice. The guided meditations are superimposed with faith in God and wisdom from the Holy Scriptures. Mental pictures and breathing techniques are implemented to cultivate Stillness, Silence and Serenity.

Genres Vocal/Easy Listening
Artist Regina Queen
Total length 42:15
Tracks 1
Released 2015
Label In The Flow Productions
File type MP4
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