For so many years I worked in the fast paced environment of Corporate America.  Being Married, Serving in Ministry and Raising three children, ages (16, 10, and 6) I became extremely exhausted to the point that my health was being affected.  Like most women, I gave my all to everyone and everything for the last 18 years. For some strange reason I felt guilty if I took care of myself or even took a nap.

Not today, thanks to Regina.  She spent countless hours coaching me to value myself and my health.  Somehow, she was able to coach me through the guilt that I would carry if I took care of me.  Today, I am free to take a nap, today I am free to sleep in and get some rest.  Today, I am learning how to love myself and give myself the SELF CARE that I need.  I also realize that it doesn’t make me less than any other woman because I need to rest.  “Because I am such a phenomenal woman, I need to rest and be refreshed. ” (Regina’s words to me)

I can say all of this today with confidence, because Regina coached me and helped me paint a new picture for my life when it came to my health/healing/rest and self worth.

Tamara Goines

Women of Virtue – Executive Director
Growing In God’s Grace
Los Angeles, CA